The Duke of Cambridge Provides First Person On the Scene Support

I recently completed an FPOS (First Person On the Scene) Course, Certificated by the Royal College of Surgeon’s, Edinburgh.

It was quite challenging, but it makes you see the way our Prince William was so forthright and adept in coming to the aide of a Septuagenarian.

If it wasn’t for Wills and his Aides, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Essex (Jonathan Douglas-Hughes), would have possibly sustained either:

  1. A Head Injury, such as a Fracture or Brain Haemorrhage
  2. Broken Bones, such as the Wrist or Hip, which are common injuries, sustained from a fall, especially in the elderly population.
  3. Heart Attack or Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  4. Stroke (blockage of blood to the brain)
  5. Faint


He did seem to hit the concrete ground hard, but because of having a group of people, (namely the Duke & Duchess), coming to his aide so quickly, he was swept-up and seemed to recover remarkably well, considering that he hit the ground in the falling process.

Not only that, having a fall can cause our body to go into a state of ‘Shock’, simply because, our ‘Equilibrium’ (Balance) has been lost, momentarily, leading to a big ‘Shake Up’ in the body, both Physically and Emotionally.

Although Lord Jonathan lost his balance, he did seem to have recovered well as he joined the tour, but my concern would be that there was a Certified First-Aider present on the scene to take great care of the victim, keeping him warm, carrying out a Secondary Survey (check for any physical injury). They would also reassure him and ensure he is kept an eye on through the event.

The Duke & Duchess, will, no doubt have at least one FPOS Certified member of staff who should be the Primary Surveyor in an incident such as the one today.

I think that we can all learn something from what occurred today at a Royal Visit.

Health & Safety is so important these days. A Senior Manager, within the Royal Health & Safety Security Department should, have carried out a Risk Assessment.

The Lord should have had an escort to ensure that he was guided through the process during the route of the Royal Visit, with a timetable of everyone in-line to meet the Prince, to make sure that he had time to slow and stop, ensuring that he kept his balance throughout the process.

If measures had been put in place, this avoidable accident would have less likely, occurred and the poor victim is hopefully, not at home now, feeling unwell or having a swollen ankle, which should be X-Rayed, as soon as possible.

I hope that he called his GP to check his Blood Pressure and give him a general health Check-up to ensure that he has recovered from such a horrendous (in my humble opinion) tumble.

I think that the whole incident also illustrates how sincere and genuine and humble they are, because William and Kate naturally came to Jonathan’s aide, in spite of having FPOS Staff in their team, who should have.

Kate’s genuine concern was so enlightening to me and I believe that she would have given the victim emotional support and concern and she would have no doubt, given him advice to rest and ask how he was feeling throughout the visit.

Follow-up support might involve a phone support the next day and ensure that he is still doing his daily routine with food and drink, exercise etc.

You could see our wonderful Duke’s training; express its innate actions by being a ‘First Responder’ to the victim of the fall.

People might argue that he put himself ‘At Risk’ from a security point of view, however, his natural caring nature stepped in and he provided First Aid to the man who ‘fell by his side’ so suddenly and unexpectedly.

I also hope that the whole incident was carefully written-up by the Line Manager for the Royal Security and carefully recorded in an Accident record Book or and Online Reporting System, such as DATIX or the Royal Intranet system.

Considering the incident, it seemed that the visit went very well and our great Royals once again, showed us why they are so important for our Morale and Pride.

It should at least inspire all of us, young and old, to take a One Day Emergency First Aid at Work EFAW) course, so that we will know what to do if an emergency, such as the one today, saving the day and even being a hero like our wonderful Duke.