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One Day Courses - Client List

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Our Team

Michael Keet


Terms And Conditions

One Day Courses (Office)

140 Grays Inn Rd



0207 240 1438

One Day Courses (Training Venue)

157-163 Grays Inn Rd



0207 240 1438

Our Location

Gerry Loates - One Day Courses London

Gerry Loates

(Senior Tutor / Admin)

Omar Beccato - One Day Courses London

Omar Beccato


Michael Keet - One Day Courses London
Charles Degraft-Johnson - One Day Courses London

Charles Degraft-Johnson


Wendy Black - One Day Courses London

Wendy Black



1. All course fees must be paid in advance of starting the course and courses are non-refundable (see Reed exception points 26 & 27

2. On booking the email address and mobile number of the person attending the course must be provided

3. Any changes to courses must be made 48 hours before the course start date, this is for any reason, including if you are unwell

 4. Changes to course dates made 48 hours or less before the course start will incur a £25 fee. This includes any free courses. You can make 1 change to the of booking for free. For additional changes the £25 change fee is payable

 5. Changes made after 48 hours will be charged at full course fee.

 6. We reserve the right to cancel/change course dates & venues with 12 hours’ notice.

 7. Please be on time, you may not be permitted entry if you are excessively late.

 8. Please bring this email or a text message confirmation on the day

 9. We are not liable for any costs incurred by yourself or other parties, for you to attend the course

 10. All unreceived certificates must be requested in writing, within 3 months of finishing the course. Otherwise a full course fee is due for replacement certificate

 11.If you have flu or any communicable disease please inform us before attending

 12. All vouchers are redeemed on booking, i.e. you will be unable to get a refund on vouchers once a booking has been made

 13. No food and drink bought from outside will be allowed into the centre.

 14. You must arrive at 930am for registration

 15.You must attend the full day to gain the certificate. If you leave early you must pay £25 to rebook to complete the course

 16.£10 will be charged for certificate name changes and replacement certificates (after the course)

 17. If you are late please be aware that you may have to attend an additional course to gain a certificatete

 18. We reserve the right to refuse admission on the course on the day.

 19. We expect all learners to be respectful of their fellow learners, the teacher and the building facilities

 20. Any repeated requests by a customer to any change any of the above terms and conditions. will be considered as a misuse of the voucher and may lead to voucher being refund and the customer being unable to make a booking, or legal action being taken, whichever is appropriate for the situation

 21. We reserve the right to refuse a voucher booking and issue a refund.

 22. You cannot transfer this booking to another person. Name transfer incurs the full voucher price paid for the original booking

 23. All support is online only we do not accept phone calls for support queries

 24. You agree to compensate One Day Courses, for all losses, expenses and other costs (including but not limited to reasonable legal fees) incurred by One Day Courses, which are caused by your breach of these Terms and Conditions. This compensation obligation will survive the termination or expiry of these Terms and Conditions and your use of the Site and or One Day Courses in any business capacity.

 25. We use cookies on our website to monitor all interactions on our website

The following only apply the courses purchased through

26. You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days from the day after the receipt of the Materials. If you choose to cancel within this period you will receive a refund of the Price within 30 days of you returning all Materials to us.

 27 The right of cancellation will not apply if: you have accessed any online learning or Materials prior to cancellation. You must not log into the online student learning portal and/or start your course if you wish to receive a refund. Also the right of cancellation will not apply if any software supplied has been used, or the security seal broken, or you have been provided with any of the Services.