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It’s the First day of December and Christmas is really looming. Now, it’s time to be thinking about Christmas present shopping for friends, family, and work colleagues. Finding the right present is difficult and always a gamble, especially choosing the right perfume or aftershave, not to mention choosing sizes and colours of clothing, need I elaborate?

All year I promote First Aid every-day by teaching it and taking pictures of people learning CPR and other useful life-saving skills and having fun with a like-minded people.

First aid Courses London
First aid Courses London
I don’t want to bring the mood down, because Christmas should be a happy and peaceful time in our hectic lives, however, we hear of so many unnecessary deaths of people due to the results terrorist attacks. I always say that an essential way to fight terrorism is to learn First Aid. Knowing what to do in an emergency can save a life.

On another point, recently, the government was debating about introducing teaching First Aid in schools, which will inevitably be widespread.

First Aid techniques are so simple to learn and when applied, can save a life or give the victim a better chance of life, for example through administering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Knowing where to place both of your hands on the chest and knowing the number of compressions, to do, to keep the heart artificially pumping (see the photo below of CPR being given to a dying man).

Another example of things we learn on a First Aid course is to know what to do if someone is bleeding from a wound in the body, the blood must be stopped by applying pressure with the fingers (AKA Digital Pressure) to the wound.

A Heart Attack occurs when the heart is blocked with a clot of blood and basically starves it of Oxygen. The victim of a Heart Attack may sweat profusely; have a numb left arm and also experience a feeling of ‘Doom’. Knowing what to do if this happens to someone is a gift, because if you understand what to do, then you may increase that person’s chance of living by at least 50% more than the person who did not know what to do.

In a First Aid class, the learner will be taught how to handle the Heart Attack victim by helping them reduce exertion, giving the heart a chance to rest and recover.

In 2016, you are bound to notice more Automated External Defibrillators (AED Machines), in public places (see photo below).

Many AED’s exist at present in airports, some schools and university’s, even restaurants. FIFA football organisation ensures that all medics carry an AED at matches.

In Norway, there is an AED Machine in most public places. Do you think you could use one? Did you learn when and how to use an AED Machine?

What a great gift to give someone; a knowledge that they will carry all through their lives and never know when they might need it and who they might save!

12aOnly a few months ago, a little boy of two, died from choking on a grape in a restaurant around lots of diners. He lay in a coma for a day, but soon died. If someone (anyone) knew how to administer back slaps and abdominal thrusts, that little boy could have lived and enjoyed his life. This is a good argument to educate everyone in First Aid, because it is all our responsibility to learn what to do in an emergency.

We might save a life of someone who is choking on a simple thing, such as a grape or a sausage!

The photo below shows the way to perform an Abdominal Thrust on the choking victim. In the USA this manoeuvre is known as the ‘Heimlich Manoeuvre’ and you can see a great scene in the movie Mrs Doubtfire, where Robin William’s (Mrs Doubtfire), runs across a crowded restaurant to save a choking co-star, relieving him from a giant shrimp, laced with cayenne pepper!

First Aid is not all about saving and preserving someone’s life; it is also about learning to improve the victim’s chance of recovery. This may mean covering someone in a blanket, to keep him or her warm if they have had a terrible shock. Preventing further injury may require the First Aider to move a victim into the Recovery Position (see picture below), to protect them from a danger.

Promoting recovery of the victim of an emergency might include giving them sips of water, especially if they have swallowed something toxic. Preventing their deterioration might mean calling 999/112 for an ambulance, to take them to hospital.

Learning to do no further harm is also something that would be taught in a typical One Day course in First Aid.

One of the most important things that is learnt on a First Aid course is to always ensure your safety and then the safety of others around the scene of an incident where First Aid is required. For example, entering a burning building would cause danger to the person attempting to save a life. Another great example of safety is to not approach a drunken violent person, who happens to be bleeding from a serious head wound. This is because the drunken person may end your own life.

At the end of the day, doing a First Aid course, will give the recipient of your ‘original Christmas gift’, life-skills to enable them to know what to do, if faced with an emergency.

As we enter a new year 2016, it would be a great thing to take a day off to learn an essential gift of learning how to save a life. Go with your friend, your partner or family member and have a day of fun and bonding.

At £49, it is literally the price of a bottle of scent, a jumper or even a bottle of champagne.

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