hands2I recently came back from a whirlwind trip to China and mainly visited Guangzhou (third largest city in China) and Zhangjiajie (Hunan Province).

I was very impressed with the general Health & Safety during my trip because it is far more superior to that of the UK.

I am mainly discussing public areas such as the Metro in Guangzhou (AKA Canton) and hotels that I visited.

The Metro, in particular, was run very efficiently and although the crowds were huge at all the times I travelled in them, I felt very safe and guided comfortably to my destinations.

In particular, at every station there were at least two guards holding paddles, which they tapped everybody’s bag, checking for bombs, which made me feel very safe as I descended the metro tunnels.

hands4Although the crowds were huge, the staff had a system of corralling groups in a sort of ‘pen’ until the crowds ahead died down. This system seemed very effective, because it allowed the hordes of people ahead of me, to board the trains and leave a gap for us to get the next one to our destination.

In particular, I was very enthralled with the multiple signage throughout the Guangzhou city’s Metro system, because they were written in Chinese and English and the colours of each sign were relevant to the particular sign, making it simple to see what they meant and their relevance to myself. (See photographs included).

hand-s-china-1Apart from all the Health & Safety in place on the whole metro system, it was the easiest mode of transport I found in my whole trip, because it was efficient and quick and most importantly, safe!

In comparison to the roads, the metro is definitely my choice of travel, because getting into a taxi or crossing a road was potentially a life-threatening action because they drive very fast and have very little respect for the public-at-large. The traffic everywhere is pretty horrendous and it was a relief to descend into the efficient metro system to safely travel to my destinations.

The same Health & Safety systems seemed to apply to all the hotels I stayed in, particularly Fire Safety, Signage and Fire Exits, which were easy to locate and simply explained.


hands3I was especially fascinated by the inclusion of ‘Safety Masks’ in all the bedrooms of hotels, which were available to every guest. These masks are meant for use in case of fire or terrorist attack involving poisonous gases.

I think that the UK can learn a lot from China with regards to Health & Safety in general, especially in the public arena.