Emmerdale latest news: James Barton injured: Gemma Barton gets the First Aid Box !

James Barton was viciously attacked at the Woolpack public house in Emmerdale Farm this evening. Aaron Livesy attacked James and causing a laceration to the side of the head, which probably led him to him having a black-out.
Later on when James came home from the attack Emma Barton asked if the boys had a First Aid Box and in the end found one herself ! Did anyone notice how severe the wound looked? It bled pretty fiercely from what I saw. It got me thinking as to what Emma and even Ross Barton would do now, but the episode ended!
So what should Emma do next? As a First Aid teacher, I think an ambulance should have been called immediately by Ross (999 or 112). After getting James to sit down, Emma should have checked his head wound for any debris such as glass or metal and removed any large pieces. Then, she should have washed her hands and after someone brought her the First Aid Box. She should have got a sterile dressing out and gently (using her fingers), digitally pressed the gauze onto the bleeding wound. It would be important to keep James awake and monitor his vital signs constantly, talking to him reassuringly until the ambulance arrives.
But then, why bother to call an ambulance? The answer is very simple! This is because if James Barton suffered what is known as a Compression Injury to the Head it is a very serious condition. Often times it leads to surgery to release that pressure of the blood (Haematoma) in the skull. Head Compression is typically caused when there is some type of pressure up against the brain that has built-up by the blood (Haematoma) inside the head. In many cases Head Compression is the result of a skull fracture or concussion. This is why it is extremely important to monitor individuals following these types of head injuries to see if there are any symptoms lingering that could be an indicator of more serious damage. If James Barton is not taken to hospital ASAP, he may have a full recovery, then within 1-2 hours he could become drowsy and possibly experience paralysis down one side of his body. James will also have pupil dilation and loss of consciousness due to herniation of the area of the brain that Aaron damaged during the violent attack.
At the hospital, the treatment would probably involve reducing the pressure in James’s cranium, possible by drilling a hole into his skull directly over the Haematoma, thus releasing the pressure on the brain. If this is not performed straightaway James would probably die because vital things like respiration etc. is lost.
If James had been knocked out cold by Aaron, then an ambulance would have definitely been called. It would be essential to check that James is breathing then put him in the Recovery Position (illustrated below).

If, however, James were found not to be breathing, someone will have to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) ASAP or James will no longer appear in Emmerdale Farm again!
I can only hope that one of the super cast in Emmerdale has completed a One Day Appointed Person Emergency First Aid course, otherwise they will lose a strong cast member or friend.