I was shouting at the TV this evening to Kat Slater as she laid into Charlie Slater for stealing her baby. I don’t blame her but when he suddenly clutched his chest I was hoping that Kat would know exactly what to do so that she could give him a better chance of life! Naturally, I am assuming she had completed One Day Emergency First Aid at Work course (EFAW) and so she would act accordingly to save her granddad Charlie.

Let us assume (because it is a soap opera) that Kat has no idea what to do, then I will tell you as a teacher of First Aid what Kat should do to save her grandpa.

Well, firstly, tell Big Mo (her grandmother) to call 999 and request an ambulance ASAP. She should take a deep breath and try and speak in a calm voice so that Charlie can calm down and relieve any stress on his heart. She should under no circumstances, move him or try and get him up off the couch. She should ensure that Charlie is kept warm and calm and given nothing to eat or drink.

Sit with Charlie and reassure him that he is going to be ok, however, Kat should keep a diligent eye on her granddad so that he does not fall unconscious and stop breathing. If Charlie stops breathing, Kat must act fast to ensure his chances of survival.

Kat must first make sure that Charlie is or is not breathing by gently pulling his head back, opening his mouth and placing her ear to his mouth to hear the sounds of breathing. If there is no sound then she must get him on a hard surface and place both her hands in the centre of his chest and apply Chest Compressions for 30 repetitions at a depth of one third to start Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Rescue Breaths should quickly follow this. Kat must pinch Charlie’s nose and create a vacuum with her mouth over his mouth and blow gently into his mouth twice. She must then carry on with the 30 Chest Compressions until the ambulance arrives or Charlie comes to life. Big Mo could help Kat by taking over and giving Kat a rest so that she can get her breath.

The most important thing in this type of situation is to remain calm, because Charlie probably had a heart attack and he needs to feel that there is no stress around him.

Although Easterners is not real, there are many emergency situations that occur and require First Aid so I suggest the whole cast take a First Aid course ASAP and it will ensure the cat’s survival!