CPD First Aid

James bond plugs himself in an AED look up

AED’s Zole R2


Q’s students ask

Crosswords, mime

Shnergly fergly burgly disease = spontaneous penile shrinkage

Q Michael Jackson heart beating compression on bed yes he should have

Positional asphyxia spine in restraining someone story of guy who stole 10£ perfume and security guard sat on him and he died. You can get PA in car crash

Burns is all treatment cold water?

Lift hand up and hold for a few seconds now compare hands and see one is pale

Act a like you are having a heart attack

Supplying and providing medication however is someone is having a heart attack and you have 300mg aspirin in your pocket you can say would you like to take it and they take it that’s ok unless he refuses over 16 years of age if they are allergic and know they are then they will refuse or child under 16 (cos statistically they don’t have heart attacks or have Rayes syndrome and salicylic acid 50% chance child will die.

It’s the hand that gives it

Moving someone spinal injury but what if there is danger?

Moving an obese person

When showing practical turn off visual PowerPoint

What does an epi pen do exactly?

Why do you examine children feet first and adults head first? You do not

Why gloves?

Is there a better side for RP? Ladies with lumps to the left

Find video life threatening allergic reaction? Think ABCDE


W position slows return of blood back to heart relaxes it and makes it work more effectively

Why baby’s breathe first why 5 because it is respiratory failure and the CO2 stimulates the hypoxic drive which makes us breath and they like it, top finger in line with nipple and other above and push deep as heart is deeper

Legal issues? Samaritan or duty of care

Resuscitator council guidelines google

Why do mouth to mouth

Pregnant choking and disabled

The Mammalian Diving Reflex (MDR) ice cold face preserves brain

Drowning why do kids last longer?

Basics matter most


Go into burning building you become casualty

Alert voice pain unresponsive avpo scale

Kneel on one knee squeeze shoulder with one hand and shake AVPO scale above collar bone pain protects you from attack because it protects you = aggressive e.g. hypo head injury on one knee gives you easy escape

Modify 10% technique using 100% common sense

Gloves on

Shout for help

Sweep or pincer out food

Put them on side away from you or toward you better

People die ‘cos people are scared of moving them

Calling 999/112

Not everybody who is paraplegic is dead but everybody who is dead is paraplegic

If you can’t control the environment control the casualty

Spinal Shminal

Postural drainage to head tilt chin lift look listen feel for breathing max 10 secs

How many breaths normal = 12 to 20

Men breathe diaphrmatically women higher up

Tilt head back and swallow

Now tilt head back jaw forward and try swallow and you can’t

Make telephone call


Advanced cardiac life support

Apply pads like a seat belt across chest over shoulder

Chest compressions how to find centre of chest is in line with armpit of casualty heel of hand focuses force hand over other hand 100-120 per minute (2 per sec) 15 to 18 secs children at least 1/3 deep or 5-6cm don’t be afraid to push too hard.

# Ribs is when hand moves over to far think of trampoline fabric is sternum cartilage is like the rings that support mat. You can bounce happily in middle but if you bounce on metal bit it will break.

You can feel ribs crunching but stay where you are and go back into dip in centre of chest. Sore chest recover better than dead.

0.25% survival with BLS alone. We do it so we keep them viable

999/112 after checking if they are not breathing so better check if not breathing and unresponsive adult casualty. 8 minutes category A call.

1 minute BLS before going for help

30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths 1 second for each resuscitation council guidelines

41 people died in Hillsborough because they were left on their backs

If any doubt get on the chest

St Johns teach the difference for kids with a DVD

Primary survey completed casualty not breathing so we now use the


Norway 8 year olds taught CPD and AED is in every public building by law and they know the chain of survival.

150-200,000 deaths from heart attack in uk annually
50% of these happen before patient reaches hospital
Early access and BLS is essential (don’t use the words CPR better use BLS)

Anyone can use a defib the operator will give you key code to the nearest pad and follow instructions.

The hypoxic heart is a dead heart (no O2) a blue heart won’t start so BLS is essential

Heart is going lub dub lub dub

VF bottom chambers are wobbling and blood can’t get out as the heart muscle stretches so CPR is mechanically taking over of movement of blood through the chambers. The heart quivers so put pads on and heart goes wow what happened and it kicks back into sinus rhythm ASAP

Encourage learners to do a defib course with you

Fabric mowamber survived with BLS as he had 4 shocks from AED

Defibrillations is the only means to restart the heart

With each minute that defib delayed – survival rates decline

Discuss a and p of heart

People have had heart attacks but don’t know they had it

Top chambers bottom chambers relax in normal sinus rhythm

Exercise with students put hand up one by one and down then ask why you did it? Cos I asked u I am the SA node. I get a call and leave the room and you all do different tasks so when I come back you are in VF until I reorganise you

Show video of pig’s heart in VF

PEA pulseless electrical activity caused by blood loss and blood pouring in to cardiac space stopping it filling

Pads applied like a seatbelt crossing right shoulder and across chest and it zaps the heart going both ways so it does not matter which way round

Very hairy shave or put on anyway

Avoid air space between pads

May cause burns

Water emergency just dry the area

Nipple rings leave and avoid placing pad on

Patches remove

Metal surface avoid

Bag masks give 21% O2 if you do it yourself, it is only 16%

Compressions is not important pushing down but more bringing hands up as it gives the heart a chance to fill.

Choking blowing with CPR will go into right lung

You can use AED on children but careful with infants (unlikely they will have an arrest) but for a parent to see you tried everything is good as kids don’t survive therefore consider but it probably will not work.

Pregnancy yes as you keep mum alive to keep foetus alive

See video from lesson on AED training

As people come out of cardiac arrest they go into agonal gasping (person dying)

Video search bondi beach rescue